Wednesday, March 26, 2008

More Progress!

Isabel's 1st Chemo Cap (Great job!)

As you can see by the progress bars, we are really making progress on our blocks. We're up to 85!! A lot of people have asked if we wouldn't accept any more after we reach 100... Well, our advice isto keep working on your blocks, if you're doing so. When you feel comfortable enough to move on to hats, please feel free to do so. We will send in whatever amount that we receive. Our original goal was 100, but there is no magic number.

Tip to those of you trying out the hat patterns: Use a row counter! These are readily available at Michael's or Hobby Lobby. These handy little devices will help you know what row you are on in your pattern. The best way to use these -- advance the counter upon completion of a row. And, when you stop your knitting, always remember to complete a row.

Keep up the great work!


Monday, March 24, 2008


  • We've made some more progress on our blocks! We're up to 74 blocks! We took a picture of the blocks last week and wanted to show everyone their handiwork. Thanks to everyone that has helped.
  • Last week was spring break for most of the kids in our area. We enjoyed some wonderful weather and lots of Easter chocolate. I did manage to get in some knitting and make a few more preemie hats.
  • I've posted the two patterns (one for preemie and one for chemo) below that we thought were pretty easy for beginners. We thought that after you have completed a few squares and are comfortable with both the knit and purl stitch -- that you should tackle one of the patterns below.
  • Please see one of us for more yarn, if you need some. The weekly meetings are back on this week, so please plan on joining us either Wednesday or Thursday.