Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Special Deliveries!!

Last week, Laurie Johnson and I delivered our blocks for Warm Up America to Michael's. The store had been collecting the blocks for the cause in the past few months. They were very happy to see our stash of 134 blocks!

Yesterday, we delivered 65 chemo caps to M.D. Anderson. They were delighted to see the homemade caps just in time for all of this cold weather. We also made the delivery of 100 preemie caps to TX Children's Hospital.

Overall, this has been a very productive year for us. Although we took a break from meetings in the middle of the year, we still managed to meet our goals.

There have been some questions about whether we will repeat this effort again next year. Let me just say that it is under consideration. If anyone would like to help organize this, please let me know. We might want to change our focus on other charities. Stay tuned...

Thanks to everyone for contributing and taking some time to bring a smile to those people in need.

Check out the pictures that we took of our handmade items.

Great job!!

Thanks again,